Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hit and Run by Driver with Suspended License

A woman was struck today. Another hit and run by a driver with a suspended license. Thanks to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, Secretary of State Todd Rokita and the BMV, innocent people get to pick up the tab again. We can especially thank our leaders in part for the “run,” including the added expenses that we all will be paying sooner or later.

Earlier this year, up to 55,000 drivers in Indiana had their licenses suspended, as part of a coordinated effort to force people without social security numbers to leave the state. Mike Delph’s recently failed attempt to penalize employers of undocumented workers was another component of their plan (See previous post below dated March 17, 2008). While some of these drivers no doubt left, many are still here and will probably stay for a long time, now driving with suspended licenses. Many of these formerly licensed drivers have realized that their vehicle insurance is worthless, since their companies won’t cover them with suspended licenses.

Instead of driving all these people from the state, many have been driven underground. This is another reason that a comprehensive reform of our immigration laws is needed. These piecemeal approaches to solve the problem are marginalizing people who previously were paying their own insurance. Meanwhile, the rest of us can expect to pick up the tab.

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