Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rogue Cop Log

Another rogue cop is on the loose. Yesterday Veronica was pulled over in Carmel, Indiana. Why?

“Because you were going too slow,” replied the policeman. “You don’t have a license? Probably don’t have a social security number either. If your children weren’t with you, I’d take you straight to jail.”

This cop's comments were clearly out-of-bounds, although Veronica didn’t feel like she could defend herself from this harassment anyway. Meanwhile, her three young girls were crying in the back seat, terrified.

Renegade Profiling, Pretexts, and Threats

Reports like this of police in Indiana harassing anyone who looks different are on the rise. It appears to be part of a concerted effort by government officials and legislators to take the immigration problem into their own hands, including Mitch Daniels, Todd Rokita, and Mike Delph. Some of them admit that they are simply going by the playbook of other states. If the federal government won’t fix the problem, then the idea is to make life miserable for anyone suspicious.

Tragically, measures that may have been more appropriate a couple of decades ago when many undocumented people were settling in Indiana are now hurting thousands of innocent dependents and vulnerable children. Many of these immigrants have lived in Indiana for years, gotten married, have children, and been responsible citizens in every possible way except for their immigrant status due in many cases to the ineptness of the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Open Hunting Season by Indiana Officials and Defenders

In broad strokes, it goes like this. To begin, several months ago the licenses of an estimated 55,000 Indiana drivers were summarily revoked based on the lack of a match with valid social security numbers. This was followed by a failed campaign to give police broader powers to detain anyone who doesn't have documents while checking with immigration authorities. Meanwhile Mike Delph, state senator from Carmel, pushed without success for more stringent restrictions against anyone who hires someone without their documents in order. So now it’s open hunting season, even on those who been here for years—driving responsibly, demonstrating an excellent work ethic, paying their taxes, and contributing in multiple ways to our state and economy.

Hoosier Hospitality or Hoosier Harassment?

Fortunately, Veronica’s children still have their mother with them this Thanksgiving, despite the cruel antics of a rogue cop. Hoosier hospitality in Indiana? There’s sure a lot less of it these days. Instead, Hoosier harassment by our government officials and defenders seems to be on the rise.

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