Thursday, December 9, 2010

The DREAM Act and Politics

I'm disillusioned by the political theatrics surrounding The DREAM Act. Yes, it's encouraging that the House passed it last night. If the Senate would only pass it too, it could provide new hope and a future for countless youth and young adults that were brought here years ago as innocent children without a choice and now find themselves least for those who manage to navigate a host of new obstacles that were written into the latest version of the document.

But even if this Act would become law during the lame duck session, there still would be up to eleven million others that are in limbo and waiting on comprehensive immigration reform. In addition, another 30 to 40 million Hispanics are watching and waiting to see who will be a friend and advocate of all immigrants, the marginalized, and the forgotten. They will note and remember how this congress and the next responds or fails to respond.

Back to The DREAM Act, my colleague and friend Ken Schenck sums up the situation well in his latest blog post:

Wesleyans and The DREAM Act

Some may say that I'm just too much of an idealist. I'd like to believe that my passions and perspectives are shaped more by the values of our Lord's Kingdom than by the ways and views of this world (Please see my previous blogs for more rationale regarding this statement and links in the sidebar column for more information).


Ken Schenck said...

Thanks for your leadership and passion on these issues Norm!

Under5cents said...

'Anchor Babies' Congress Grapples Making Illegal Immigrants, Illegal
WASHINGTON – In January 2011, The House will be in Republican hands. In a few weeks, Congress will no longer be trying to help illegal immigrants to be legal. The debate will shift to the meaning of the 14th amendment to the constitution. Does the constitutional citizenship include children born to parents who are in the country illegally?