Monday, March 7, 2011

Plea for a Reasonable Approach to the Immigration Problem

The message below was just sent to Senator Delph in response to his latest post:

Mike Delph's Unreasonable Approach to Immigration

Dear Senator Delph:

Your current approach to the immigration issue is unreasonably selective. For just one of many examples, you generalize and exaggerate about immigrants based upon individual situations. The result is polarization instead of dialogue in search of just solutions. The problem with such a radical approach is that many innocent people can be hurt, including thousands of children.

It's true that your radical rhetoric arouses some people. On the other hand, I am encouraged that a growing number of others are providing courageous leadership for these difficult times.

My prayer is that you too will see the wisdom in their balanced approach and join them in leading us into a better future for everyone in our great state. I realize that you've staked yourself out pretty far on this issue. But it is not too late to join with them in finding a just solution for everyone.

Dr. Norman G. Wilson


Anonymous said...

Immigration is a very sensitive issue and can also be a means to an end. In as much as there are us some innocent victims: wife, husband, parents and children/ students. For every citizens that feel cheated can also be consoled by making the illegal immigrant pay a fee multiply by the amount of years they overstayed. Some immigrant will have to loan money from their countries. This will also reduce the national debt and the present financial situation rather than spend money deporting. This is Pay back tome.Compulsory volunteer job can required as a fulfillment working class group. It is time that America have mercy, they may be in need too.

Elizabeth A said...

Immigration is a sensitive issue and also a means to am end. It embraces the children/students and adults whot directly or indirectly overstay. To solve the problem , a certain fee can be levied to the illegal immigrants.
Volunteering for 12-30hrs can be one of the requirements. This allows the country financial gain rather spending hard earned money on deportation. Immigrants may have to borrow from their nations and hereby Americans will retrieve money from various countries. It is pay back time.