Saturday, June 25, 2011

Immigration in Indiana and “The Christian Right”: Neither “Christian” nor “Right”

Many of the “Christian Right” in Indiana think that the only Christian position on the immigration debate should be in favor of ridding our state of all illegal immigrants with whatever means possible. They presume that those who do not have documents are “illegals” and therefore should not have any rights. To them, it seems so simple, hinging primarily on obeying the law.

In the immigration debate, however, this position is neither “Christian” nor “Right” (as observed by a reader of the Indianapolis Star article, cf. Judge Issues Injunction on Indiana's Immigration Law (Indy Star, June 25, 2011). Not because these sincere believers are totally wrong. Rather, they are only partially right, emphasizing one principle while ignoring many others.

In reality, the immigration situation is so complex that a legalistic punitive approach such as the one currently in question in Indiana is not an appropriate response, neither from a Christian perspective nor from a view to justice. The complexities of the immigration problem in our state are explored in much greater depth in previous posts on this blog.

The Wesleyan Church has set forth biblical principles that ought to be applied in the search for a Christian response to the immigration problem in our state (cf. link in right hand column of this blog). Obeying the law of our land is certainly an important consideration. But there are many others of equal importance. The Wesleyan statement provides a balanced biblical perspective for all Christians to take into account, as together we strive to obey both God’s laws, all of which are right and just, and those of our government, inasmuch as they do not violate God’s higher laws.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

What's the deal with this social liberation theology?

Norman Wilson said...

Dear Mr. Mcgranor, Rather than use labels in our conversation, my hope is that sincere followers of Jesus Christ can allow all the Scriptural passages that apply to this situation to shape our ideas and attitudes. The Immigration Statement of The Wesleyan Church (see the link to it in the upper right sidebar of this blog) provides a great set of biblical principles with key references to serve as a foundation for our conversation. If you share my commitment to consider and submit to the teachings of all of God's Word, I welcome more conversation with you about this topic. In Christ, Norman

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