Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Evangelicals and Illegal Immigrants?

The title of this blog calls attention to the disconnect when people call themselves “Evangelical” and do not stand in the gap for undocumented immigrants. 

A lot of Evangelicals that have been silent are now confessing their ignorance regarding this problem and negligence in following the biblical principles that call us as Bible believing Christians to support this reform.  Others are still stuck on the fact that those that are here are “breaking the law,” which reflects a simplistic and uninformed view on this matter (many previous posts on this blog and links in the right-hand column address this issue and others).   However, many are coming to recognize their oversight, confess their sins of omission, and join in the call for comprehensive immigration reform. 

For all evangelicals, please check out this video of this news conference a few days ago by the Evangelical Immigration Table.  We celebrate this rising tide among the leaders of many Evangelical and Christian denominations and other Christian organizations. 

Key leaders of my own denomination, The Wesleyan Church, are part of this growing movement, including our General Superintendent, Dr. Jo Anne Lyon.

So how about you who call yourself “an evangelical?”  Together we can make a huge difference in the lives of millions of people and also in God’s kingdom, both here on earth and more importantly in heaven.  Will you join us in calling for comprehensive immigration reform now?  Respond here with your ideas regarding some practical steps.  Most of all, contact your legislators and government leaders.


::athada:: said...

Thanks Norm, for keeping our feet to the fire. I feel that this forum is most helpful when you point us to specific action points in regards to an Evangelical response to the immigration crisis. (i.e. web links and phone numbers, specific legislation). Otherwise, I might satisfy my self-righteousness by making some comments and then doing nothing practical. Thanks.

Elizabeth Drury said...

Thank you so much, Norm.