Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Christianity Today Addresses the Immigration Mess: Both Encouraging and Troubling

Christianity Today addresses the immigration mess, speaking clearly from a strong biblical perspective--finally! In the lead article, entitled: "The Soul of the Border Crisis," local churches and evangelical believers are called upon to get involved. Check it out at the following link:


However, results from a poll that accompanies the article are revealing and troubling. More than 4 out of 10 respondents said that they either did not know any illegal immigrants or were not aware of it if they did. If a significant percentage of CT's readership are Christians and these results represent the general population (admittedly two assumptions that cannot be substantiated), then one wonders why so many of us are not aware of the plight of millions of immigrants and strangers in our midst and seeking ways to reach out to those among us who are marginalized and most vulnerable.

At least we can pray and hope the this recent publication by CT will awaken us who claim to be followers of Christ and prompt us to reach out in His name.

FOOTNOTE: Also check out my recently published article in the Journal of The American Society for Church Growth entitled "Evangelism and Social Action--Revisting an Old Debate: Good News for Immigrants and Evangelicals Too" (Volume 20, Winter 2009), a draft of which is also posted on my blog entitled "Global Ambassadors" at the following link:

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