Monday, August 17, 2009

Where are the True Evangelicals?

Christianty Today just posted another article on the immigration problem, this time reporting on a brewing disagreement regarding a proposed "tactic" to press our government for immigration reform (see link below). This situation is due in large part to the awkward silence on this issue by millions of others who also call ourselves "Evangelicals." As a result, these marginalized peoples, including many of our brothers and sisters in Christ, are left to speak for themselves.

So, Where are the True Evangelicals in this land from every people group, land and tongue? Where is that groundswell of believers whose citizenship and first loyalties are in our Lord's eternal kingdom rather than in an earthly one? Why are these heavenly citizens not united and mobilized around the Biblical principles of compassion, hospitality, human dignity, service, and support for those who are trapped without documents and viable options for the future? Why is there no groundswell of radical Jesus followers, united in their commitment to stand alongside our marginalized brothers and sisters in Christ? Is it really possible that True Evangelicals have been blinded by the reductionist assertion that the Biblical principle of obedience to law should trump all other Biblical principles, thus excusing true followers of Jesus from taking a stand?

Those who would consider themselves True Evangelicals can no longer linger on the sidelines of this debate. It's time to join together in support of comprehensive immigration reform to bring millions of marginalized people out of the shadows, including many of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

May every believer, local church and Christian organization join together in this cause, calling for a solution to the immigration problem in our land. Then may our unity in this endeavor be a witness to the "Good News" of true freedom that only Christ can bring to a sinful world.

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