Saturday, October 10, 2009

NAE Supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform!

Today my prayer is, “God, please forgive me for wavering! And thank you for The Wesleyan Church!”

Just two days ago, the National Association of Evangelicals boldly approved a resolution supporting comprehensive immigration reform! Praise the Lord!

This is a huge answer to the prayers of a growing number of Wesleyans who are aware of the complexities of our nation’s immigration debate and burdened over the suffering of millions of undocumented people, including countless innocent dependents and children.

See the press release and statement at the following links:

Press Release on NAE Resolution

NAE Statement on Immigration

When I saw that The Wesleyan Church was one of three denominations listed with resolutions on immigration, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for our courageous leaders, including our General Superintendents and the thousands of Wesleyan pastors and lay people who understand these biblical perspectives and share our passion for justice!

Admittedly I had a twinge of remorse when I read my own comments after our church’s position statement: “…I can’t speak officially for The Wesleyan Church regarding our church’s position on the present immigration laws. Nor do I think we should take an official position.” While it’s true that I can’t speak officially for The Wesleyan Church, I regret saying that we should not take an official position! On the contrary, all believers and churches should stand boldly against laws that hurt innocent people and do not please God!

Position of The Wesleyan Church on Immigration

Please, forgive me, God, for wavering! And thank you for The Wesleyan Church!

Would you join me in prayer that God will bless and use us together in this just cause that is dear to His heart? May He purge our hearts of all racism and complacency and move us to bold action as His ambassadors. May His Kingdom come to pass today on earth as it is in heaven!


::athada:: said...

Great news, brother Norm.

My reluctance to feel like I endorse/support particular legislation or politicans comes from unintended consequences of these very complex issues. While the Biblical stance may be pretty clear, translating that into legislation for a pluralistic democracy in the 21st c. is not as easy as some would have us believe. That said, we have each other and the Spirit to guide us to all truth (as I remember you saying). Let us do so!

Keith Drury said...

That is a strong statement...both of them. Some day (soon?) will we have to choose as Christians between our political position and our religion? If so I hope we choose our religion.

Elizabeth Glass-Turner said...

I also support immigration reform! - IWU Class of 2003